Site-specific Contemporary Art in Derbyshire

Flore Gardner

Intermediate Commission

Cromford | Wirksworth | Belper | Melbourne | Ilkeston

Flore Gardner - Intermediate commission - 'One M(ob)ile', a soft sculpture installation at mills in the Derwent Valley World Heritage site

Flore says, "Taking one mile as the basic unit of distance while travelling, my project consits of the installation of a soft sculpture, a one-mile long red knitted cord, in different places in Derbyshire. Several different installations of this cord are envisaged; in urban and rural contexts, inside and out, and connections in between."

Flore's use of knitting makes reference to the history of the cotton and silk industry in Derbyshire, and the installation was installed in a mill at the Derwent Valley World Heritage Site in Cromford, during the Discovery Days, 23 - 31 October, as well as in the cellar of Strutt's North Mill in Belper. Other installations took place at Wirksworth in September 2010 during Wirksworth Festival, where the encircling of St Mary's Church refers both to the Clypping of the Church (whilst a hymn is sung the congregation completely surrounds the church building, holding hands. ‘Clyppan’, an Old English word, means to embrace, honour, cherish and was a popular and traditional way of celebrating a Patronal festival), and to the historic manufacture of red tape to bind government and legal documents at Haarlem Mill in Wirksworth, and at Melbourne Festival, also in September 2010, where a section of the church was wrapped.

Flore also showed photographic work at Ilkeston Festival from 29 June - 3 July alongside a wall drawing residency by Chloe Steele and Tom Hackett's 'Silicone Boys'.

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